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Zingo Bingo Celebrates its Birthday in Style!


Everyone likes birthdays, partly because it’s great to have any excuse to throw a party. But the main reason why birthdays are so great is because you get given a load of presents to congratulate you for continuing to exist. It’s a huge pat on the back for surviving however many years!

Zingo Bingo is celebrating their birthday today, but according to them they’re giving the presents away to their players. I wouldn’t disagree, as they have a host of awesome prizes they’re giving away in their Birthday Bash room. The room at 9pm will be hosting a colossal prize draw where full house will receive an iPad Mini. Continue reading

Your First Online Bingo Account

Before you can start playing online bingo and pursue the available cash prizes, you must sign up for an account with a good bingo site. The process of signing up for an account is actually quite easy, but we are going to review the steps in this article in order to help you get started.

As mentioned earlier, you must first make sure that the site you are engaging is a good and reliable bingo site with solid reputation. You can easily confirm the quality of available online bingo sites by visiting various review sites and finding user testimonials for the site. Continue reading

XBingo – New Bingo Site Sponsor ITV’s The Chase

Although it launched way back in April of this year, it’s possible you haven’t heard of until recently… thanks to the new sponsorship of ITV’s quiz show The Chase.

The site had some initial negative reviews by players who had joined via Which Bingo, but these teething problems seem to have been overcome and the site is now flourishing. Continue reading